I wanted to write personally to thank you

28 June 2022

Ian Wyllie
Flat 1, Cranford House, Cranford Way, Southampton, SO17 1UE
07986 960811 – [email protected]

14 June 2022

Dear Charlie,

I wanted to write personally to thank you for your great efforts to support the Andrew Cassell Foundation through your organisation and implementation of the RS Elite Regatta.

As a participant I was enormously grateful for the very generous giving by so many of the competitors. I see the great value in what the Foundation does and how it has the capability to change lives. At the same time my previous experiences mean I know how much of a struggle running a small charity can be and how transformational donations of the size that came out of the Regatta can be.

I was also most grateful for your personal interest in my experience and in the project I have coming up to sail Trilleen round the UK and Ireland to support the Foundation. Severe illness brings not only disability but social isolation and the work of the Foundation in helping sailors connect within the sailing community is incredibly valuable.

Yours with many thanks,

Ian W.
Ian Wyllie

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