RS Elite Southern Area Championship 2018 Report

15 June 2018

This year's RS Elite Southern Area Championships were held off Seaview last weekend (9th & 10th June). Included in the East Wight Combined Clubs Regatta programme, the organisation and race management was lead by Sea View YC with assistance from Bembridge SC. Thirteen boats entered, with the light airs forecast causing some late withdrawals and putting a few off. The first race on Saturday was programmed to start at 13:00 so as to allow boats enough time to get to Seaview and, although it started on time, most boats were OCS and a General Recall was called. The start was delayed for 20 minutes, eventually getting away successfully at 13:20 under a "U" preparatory flag in the SE'erly 8 knot breeze. The windward/leeward course had the windward inflatable approx 1 nautical mile from the Committee boat with a windward spreader and leeward gate. Mike McIntyre in No 76 Foudafafa finished first ahead of Russell Peters in No 20 Riff Raff; Ossie Stewart in No 67 More T Vicar was third. The second race had a clean start at 14:50. However as the wind speed had dropped to approx 4-5 knots, the windward mark was shortened to 0.8 miles from the Committee boat and the leeward gate was moved to windward of the start/finish line. Colin Smith in No 7 Shaken Not Stirred finished ahead of Paul Fisk in No 110 Legs Eleven with Mike McIntyre in No 76 Foudafafa third. With the wind dropping to below 4 knots it was agreed that racing for the day would be terminated and the in the hopes that there would be more of a breeze the following morning, the third race was postponed and the AP over A displayed. After an excellent dinner on Saturday evening at the joint hosts Bembridge SC, the postponed Race 3 started promptly at 10:00 on Sunday with 7 knots of breeze at 060º. The Windward inflatable was set at 0.6 nautical miles from line; there was a windward spreader and the leeward gate was set 50 metres to windward of the Committee boat. The race was won by Paul Fisk in No 110 Legs Eleven, Mike McIntyre in No 76 Foudafafa was second and Russell Peters in No 20 Riff Raff was third. [/et_pb_text][et_pb_image admin_label="Queen Elizabeth" _builder_version="3.7" src="" /][et_pb_text _builder_version="3.7"] The fourth Race started at 11:00 hrs with a steady 6 knots of breeze at 060º veering as the race progressed to 040º. After a clean start and some close racing, the winner was Russell Peters in Riff Raff, Colin Smith in Shaken Not Stirred was second and Mike McIntyre in Foudafafa was third. Having reset the course slightly, the fifth race started at 11:55 hrs in 6 knots of wind at 020º veering to 030º. One boat, The Doctor, was OCS but having cleared immediately was soon back in the race. However, with the tide turning and the breeze dropping to 3-3.5 knots, the finishing line was moved to the windward mark. The race was won by Russell Peters in Riff Raff, Toby Strauss in Vagrant was second and Robert Holbrook in Centurion was third. With the prospects of the breeze returning looking unlikely, the decision was wisely made to abandon further racing. Although it was obviously a pity about the paucity of wind, the weekend was much enjoyed by all. Congratulations to Russell Peters in Riff Raff who was first overall; Mike McIntyre in Foudafafa was second and Colin Smith in Shaken Not Stirred was third. And of course well done to the Race Committee, led by Jeremy Spencer-Cooper, who certainly had their work cut out trying to provide the best racing they could in the tricky conditions. Overall Results:

Pos Sail No Helm Boat Name R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Pts
1 20 Russell Peters Riff Raff 2 10 3 1 1 7
2 76 Mike McIntyre Foudafafa 1 3 2 3 8 9
3 7 Colin Smith Shaken Not Stired 4 1 4 2 4 11
4 110 Paul Fisk Legs Eleven 7 2 1 5 5 13
5 101 Robert Holbrook Centurion 10 4 7 4 3 18
6 67 Ossie Stewart More T Vicar 3 5 5 6 14 19
7 65 Toby Strauss Vagrant 12 7 6 8 2 23
8 46 Peter Copsey The Doctor 5 9 8 7 6 26
9 109 Phil Wright Right time too 9 6 10 11 7 32
10 25 Andrew Archibald Freebie Knot 6 11 9 9 9 33
11 100 Charles Egerton‑Warburton Soak Therapy 8 12 11 10 10 39
12 69 Nick Lowe Ctr.Alt.Delete 11 8 12 12 11 42
13 15 William Booth Craic Addict 13 13 13 13 12 51

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